A small distance
4 March 2017
A small distance, 2018 (exhibition and detail views), hand-burnished linocut prints, sand blasted glass, wood, 34.7 x 300 x 3 cm. Photography by Matthew Stanton.

A small distance (2018), explores the idea that the Moon can appear to oscillate between closeness and distance as it orbits the Earth—or even, as Walter Benjamin might have said, its distance is brought near. These works strip the Moon from the continuity of the sky to invite a telescopic vision, throwing far-away-ness into doubt. The hand-burnished linocut prints are framed behind hand-etched glass, to suggest the difficulty of gaining a ‘fix’ on this celestial body. Through the interaction of the printed and glass surfaces the image lacks a singular location. As a result, no particular part of the work sustains the ‘picture’ or the experience of seeing. Instead, the image occupies a transitional space, between the printed surface and hazed glass.