New Moon on Monday
24 May 2019

New Moon on Monday, 2019 (exhibition view and details), hand-burnished and sanded linocut print with monotype, wood, 35 (h) x 170 (w) x 3 (d) cm. Awarded Highly Commended at Fremantle Print Award 2019; finalist at National Works on Paper (Australia) 2020.

New Moon on Monday (2019) brings together observations and memories of the full Moon in London. It proposes that we never see the Moon without recalling how it has appeared to us in months gone by, or without anticipating how it will appear in the cycle of days to come. A moon observed is always haunted by moons remembered, and visited by the ghosts of the future. Recollections and expectations can hover in our thoughts like aferimages, occupying the same space and time as the present moment. In New Moon on Monday, perceptions of the Moon on its unerring cycle around planet Earth collapse distinctions between past-and-present, here-and-there, change-and-stasis.