29 November 2020
Observances II, 2022 and Observances, 2020 (exhibition and detail views), hand-burnished and sanded linocut prints with monotype, mounted on wood, 42 x 103 x 3 cm

Working primarily with process that merge drawing and printmaking, Clare’s work depicts objects in transition between one state and another, or caught in a moment of suspension and haze. She seeks to explore how things ‘in-between’ can suspend our habitual ways of thinking, and reanimate our felt connections to the world around us. In recent works, like Observances, I translate observations of the moon as it orbits through the night sky, or cycles from one phase into another in a continual process of ‘becoming’. The moment of moonrise is of particular interest, since it is then that we experience what scientists call the Moon Illusion, when our celestial neighbour appears unexpectedly, and sometimes suddenly, close-by. 

Recurring throughout my recent work, multiple instances of lunar observation are organized in linear and overlapping sequences. Once installed, each of these series of individual ‘pictures’ becomes a composite image in which the Moon oscillates between closeness and distance, or orbits in relation to the observers position. Working with forms of perceptual haze—such as sheer layers of pigment or framing behind sand blasted glass—Clare also investigates ways that the eye can look both at and through a surface, inviting vision to waver and lose focus, evoking a liminal space of perception.